Praying for the secret children in North Korea

Prayer for persecuted church -week 1

Prayer for secret children in North Korea


1. Globe game (use giant inflatable globe) Tell us a fact about a country or find a country beginning with a,b,c…..

2. Read from book “windows on the world” about the legend of the God king in North Korea.

After world war 2 Korea was split into 2 countries north and South Korea.
Kim il sung became leader of North Korea and made it a communist state.
There were lots of Christians in the country at that time but he wanted people to worship him so he pulled down churches and killed lots of Christians and other people that didn’t agree with him.
(Altogether 3million Koreans died)
He built a big statue if himself, put posters of him around the country and made people wear a badge with a picture of him on it.
His grandson is now the ruler and while he is very rich many of the people in North Korea are starving.
School teachers ask children if their parents read from a black book at home? If they say yes there have been times when the parents have never been seen again.
Q: what do you the black book is? Bible- it us an offence to have one and you can be shot on the spot if you are found with one.
Q: What bible story does this remind you of?

3. Act out Daniel chapter 3 (I use the gospel story bible)
Team babylon – king Nebuchadnezzar (crown), statue, officials( notebooks and mobile phones), musicians (instruments), people, soldiers (helmet),
Team God – shadrack, meshack, abednigo, other man (halo)

4. Prayer cards for ” wandering swallows” (secret children in North Korea)
Open doors is a missionary organisation who help adults and children who are part if the persecuted church.
Q: what is persecution?
Read prayer card for Jong-cheol, write a prayer on the back and remember to keep praying for secret believers in North Korea.

5. Quiz yes/no
a. North Korea is next to china? (Yes)
b. the legend of a “god king” was about a bear being made into a man (no it was a woman)
c. You can believe whatever you want in North Korea? (No)
d.You can be shot dead if you are found with a bible? (Yes)
e. Kim il sung had 3 million of his own people killed after the war? (Yes)
f. Kim Jongan (current leader) loves basketball? (Yes)
g. There are still many secret believers in North Korea? (Yes)
h. Everyone has enough to eat in North Korea (No, many people are starving)
I. Many people in North Korea have never heard if Jesus? (Yes)
j. We should pray for The secret children in North Korea? (Yes Luke 10:27 “Love your neighbour as yourself”